Tuesday, January 4, 2011

She demanded this of me

I'm not sure what to call this, I'll think of it while I write. I was speaking to a friend of mine (very) early this morning and she said I should write about her. I figured, eh, what the hell, why not? This girl and I am like an extension of the same person; we like the same music, the same movies, the same girls, the same boys.

We have both been through a lot, too much maybe, but have dealt with much of it together. She's the one I can talk to about... well anything really. She is the love of my life. I never want to stop being friends with this girl, it would be like losing myself.

Anyway, I cannot stop listening to the XX. Their music gives me shivers (or maybe that's my freezing house).  My favorites are the songs Basic Space and their single Crystalize; I keep playing them over and over and over. They are mind-numbingly good. The band's hushed tones and melodies just make me so relaxed and happy. Specifically, Romy's voice never ceases to give me tingles. She is adorable.  and I can't help but look at Oliver and think he looks like a much younger and cuter Eminem... weird, right? This band is amazing. Their official website. Look them up. Listen to them. Feel your spirits lift!

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