Monday, January 10, 2011

The ex from hell.

I have a problem. My problem is that I have HORRIBLE taste in men. really. It's just awful. Like John Mayer bad (....that guy is just so skeevy). Anyway, I dated my ex for over a year and a half and that was pretty much the worst idea ever. We broke up at the end of this summer but he continued to talk to me through email and facebook. I thought my feelings for him would die because he currently lives over 2,000 miles away but he kept trying to talk to me and while that happened it was impossible for me to get over him.  What's even creepier is that he has friends here who seem to keep tabs on me, because somehow he knows where I was and who I was with. I'd sign onto my email and get a message saying "How was the hookah bar with brian?" and I'd be screaming "WHAT THE TITS?!" and start checking my body for implanted GPS.  That was when I decided this was just too freaking creepy and stopped talking to him all together. He texted me a few nights ago at 1 AM when I was on the phone with my friend. (Asking "Why do you hate me?" .... -_-) I thought maybe when I begged him never to talk to me again he would get the point... apparently not. I actually decided to change my email and block him from my facebook just to get him to shut the hell up.

Why can't I shake this guy? It's getting to the point where I hear someone with his name and cringe. I will forever be biased against men named Derek. Which sucks, because super-hotty Shamar Moore's name on the show Criminal Minds is Derek Morgan...
My brain has never been so torn between lust and repulsion. It's almost painful. He is... adorable.

Anyway, hopefully, with my new email address and blocked facebook he will eventually go away. But in case he doesn't and I die suspiciously... well, I'm not pointing fingers, but....

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