Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lovely Man #1: Andrej Pejic

Good heavens, this man is... well, frankly, he is more beautiful than I am. His name is Andrej-Pejic and is a native of Bosnia-Herzegovina. This kid is 19 and looks like an angel. He has appeared in various Paris runway shows this past season and caught the eye of designer Jean Paul Gaultier who then booked him for his 2011 runway show and also in his add campaign against model Karolina Kurkova. Andrej has also been chosen to appear in Marc by Marc Jacobs adds this year.  This boy is literally mind-blowing. He's just started his career but has appeared in editorials in major fashion magazines: Vogue Italia and Turkey, Candy magazine, and Tush magazine.

Jealous? I am...


  1. still a dude....those moles have to go.its creepy and is the guy REALLY happy being barbie with no real equipment?i mean hes just a kid,money is great but this is just weird.